intelligent output

management for IBM i

Optimize business processes
Fulfill Output requirements
Minimize printing cost



Our Output-Management-System MM-print/400 has been designed and developed with the Assistance of experts in IBM i and IBM OS/400 iSeries. Our software is based on native IBM i technology. MM-print/400 respects the IBM i platform and is geared to it strategically.

Optiomized for stability and performance, MM-print/400 is programmed in RPG and C, as well as C++. Within that base the kernel – the transformation part of MM-print/400 – becomes a standard. Customer specific applications and individual programs are realised by using the MM-print/400 API’s. Changes on the MM-print/400 kernel are – even with very specific requirements – not necessary. With this we achieve a great investment protection and certain standardization. Our customers save time and money with our graphic designer. Individual and effective document design is now possible.

The transformation of documents runs as native processes on the IBM i platform. External PC or server systems or networks are not needed. All data and documents exist solely on the IBM i platform.

Interfaces to the ‘outside world’ enable you to print business documents or send them via email or fax. You can choose from basic standard formats like PDF or TIFF or others.

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