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Our new module xPDF enables the output of PDF/A-1 compliant PDF files. With the automated processing and search of PDF files on the recipient side, we create the conditions for seamless business processes. xPDF thus offers the possibility of connecting invoice recipients for fully automated processing in the ZUGFeRD format. The xPDF module complements the existing PDF converter of the MM-print/400 Core.

65 additional barcodes are available. These include 2D barcodes like PDF417, Matrixcode, QR Code.

A selection of additional codes is integrated in our Designer. Also there are possibilities to individually produce barcodes via API interface.

Driver for Label-printing
The native label printing control allows the defintion of labels via graphic editor; regardless of printer brand. No special printer features are needed as a IBM i platform rendered picture will be sent to your device. Also you may use all available features of MM-print/400. Supported Thermal transfer printers include Printronix, IBM, Eltron, Zebra and Apollo.

Used to send MIME-compatible, fully internet-protocol-conform emails to an SMTP-Server. Authentification is supported. You may attach several files to your email. The body text may coded as text as well as HTML coding – therefore you may format you emails as required by business requirements.

Modul Spool Check
Move and filter spooled data which are created by ERP-Systems, before they are finished; through re-routing of spooled data into OUTQ’s, as well as changes of attributes before transformation of MM-print/400 takes place! This may be necessary to include ERP system which do not have the proper posibility of intervention to direct spools to application specific destinations. Picking up IBM i spool-data before they will be processed by your user program is supported. Configure attributes like writer, OUTQ as well as expiration dates during spool output.

Special Service
Creating and changing of fonts and converting them into IBM AFP format enables the implementation of corporate identity in documents through formatting in MM-print/400.


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